To support Happy Kids Center: Nepal


What's Unlearning?

We live in a world that is inundated in messages, myths and legends that tell us how the world works and where we fit within that framework.

A college professor challenged that framework and asked me to "unlearn." So, here I am, two years later, on a quest to expose myself, surprise myself and examine what I think I know.

My tool is my bike. The backdrop --- the Silk Road. The journey, as always, is within.

I am no athlete. I am terrified of nearly everything. So why go on a solo bicycle trip across continents? Partly, for sake of unlearning. For adventure and challenges and discovery. Most importantly, though, to support Happy Kids Center in its mission to break the cycle of poverty in our small community of Bhaktapur, Nepal. This is a social ride.

help us break the cycle of poverty!


Unlearning By Bike and the Happy Kids Center

Happy Kids Center is a small grassroots non-profit in Bhaktapur, Nepal that serves 60 migrant children

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty in our community. We do this through increased access to education, health and child marriage prevention initiatives.

Our impact is palpable, with 90% our kids now enrolled in school and no new kids joining the workforce since 2016. We are creating serious change in our community, but it’s not over yet. Join us, in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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