Strange Sleeps in Xinjiang

In my last post “Alone In China” I mentioned being ushered from foreign hotel to foreign hotel. In Xinjiang Province, there are certain hotels specifically for foreigners. They are a rare find, however. One afternoon, for example, I was taken in a police van for 200 km, past four different cities, in search of a … Continue reading Strange Sleeps in Xinjiang


It’s been one month since I set off from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here are some of my thoughts about cycle touring thus far.

Thailand Summary

Day 1 : March 8 Chiang Mai — Mae Kuang Dam 50 km Read blog post 1 for details. Day 2 : March 9 Mae Kuang Dam — Maejo 15 km I woke up in the morning after my wild first day. I hadn’t slept much, as expected, and my phone was still dead. I decided … Continue reading Thailand Summary

Let’s do this.

Hello!! Welcome to Unlearning by Bike! I’m sitting in Princeton Public Library right now. A stack of nine books sit to my left, a pad and paper on my right and my two back roller Ortlieb bike bags are on the chair next to me. For the past few months I’ve been preparing. I’ve been … Continue reading Let’s do this.